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Missing Dad

by: Andrea Mulder-Slater It's been 11 weeks since he died. Now, the weather has turned to spring -- it's been rainy and warm (for the most part) with the odd cool day in between. The grass is a vibrant green and leaves have popped out on all the trees and plants. We even have tulips in the garden that are on the verge of opening. It's a bittersweet time. My dad loved this time of year because to him it signaled that even warmer weather was on the horizon. Mom and I always hated the rain but he loved it - he often said it was "cozy" to sit inside or on the porch and watch the sky open up. Really he liked it because it meant that the lawns would be lush and green instead of dry and brown :) Geoff is working on artwork for folks in Tallahassee Florida, Jan is working on Sunbury Shores stuff as well as trying to get through mountains of general paperwork. I've been doing Sunbury stuff as well as trying to keep on top of KinderArt. My daughter is busy