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The Sheep Said Nothing

 by Andrea Mulder-Slater   The house was two stories high with big, boxy rooms, low pile carpet and very little furniture which meant our voices echoed every time any of us spoke.    There were what seemed like 10 bedrooms on the second floor, and in the basement was a barn full of animals, resulting in the entire house smelling of hay and horses.    It was our first night in the place and I was asleep, in a room on my own, when I heard and smelled what I thought was a goat at the foot of my bed.   

10 Things I Won't Do

 by Andrea Mulder-Slater       Ten things I will not do.    1) Drink booze.   I once threw up on a security guard's foot at an outdoor concert. I was a teenager. Drinking just didn't hold any appeal after that.    2) Eat raw meat/fish.   Um, enough said.   3) Stop loving chocolate.   Dark chocolate is a source of iron so I'm basically harming myself if I don't eat it.