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Skinny Jeans for Men? We have a Hung Jury

by Andrea Mulder-Slater My husband called to me from the fitting rooms at The Gap. "What do you think?" he asked. I looked him up and down. The shirt was a lovely shade of blue -- baby blue. It looked quite smart and fit him well. "I like the shirt." I said as I started to shift my gaze lower. "The pants," he said, "what about the pants?" What about the pants... This was a loaded question - in more ways than one. The pants you see, were snug. Not snug as in too tight, but snug as in slim fitting. Now, I'm a hip and fashionably aware kind of girl. I know that skinny jeans are in. I know this to be so because fellas like Pete Wentz, Zac Efron and all of the Jonas brothers are wearing them. What I also know is that my Geoff is a baggy pants kind of guy. At least, he used to be. Heck, even his underpants are baggy. So it was with some surprise that the man was considering a pair of cream color, cigarette leg corduroy jeans.

Oh no, it's another blog...

So I thought I'd better get in on the blogging action. I figure I've resisted long enough. The kicker? My husband is blogging now. Because I like to do everything he does, I've hopped aboard the blog train as of today. Do I have time to blog? Hell no.