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Oh, crap

by Andrea Mulder-Slater We were out for a walk near our house when we wandered through a cloud of stench at the top of the hill. The odor, which - over the past number of weeks - had become rather familiar, was the first clue that something immense, wild and sour was hanging around nearby. The second, found further down the hill... this: Now, since moving to the country, I’ve encountered a lot of wildlife including – but not limited to – a moose, deer, a coyote, raccoons, porcupines, rabbits, a turtle, a weasel, wild turkeys, ruffled grouse, eagles, chipmunks, squirrels, mice, June bugs… And, to be clear, when I say I’ve encountered wildlife, I mean I’ve watched or heard creatures, doing things, outside… from the comfort of my living room. Or car. Except the June bugs. The June bugs were under my bed. Thanks to the 5 year old. But here’s the thing about living at the edge of the wilderness, next to a heavily wooded area. You know there are critters in the thicket


by Andrea Mulder-Slater I've opened up an Etsy shop ( ) to showcase some of my artwork and  I'd like to share some paintings with you, starting with this one. " Thaw " is an original abstract, painted with acrylic paint and molding paste on a 24" x 36" gallery style (2" deep) canvas. The edge of the painting has also been painted so it is ready to hang as is, or you can have it framed. Here it is, from the front...   And here is what it might look like in your home, if your home has cement coloured walls, wood floors, a Scandinavian style table, linen-covered chairs and a lovely decorated bowl. And this is what it would look like if you walked up - nice and close - to have a better look. View this painting on Etsy: While I have your attention, from time to time, I've been asked my abstract painting process, so I