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New Works

I've posted some images of my latest "Paper Paintings". Click HERE to see them...

A Poem for a Wednesday - Why?

by Andrea Mulder-Slater I'm afraid Afraid of what? You often ask me. Of loneliness - I answer. Don't be ridiculous, you tell me. You'll never be alone, I hear you say. As you quietly leave me. Always. Careful. To shut the door behind you.


by Andrea Mulder-Slater If you don't want to see life drawings (nudes) then just don't click ... No... really.

That Figures...

by Andrea Mulder-Slater On a day, just a day, quite like any other, Geoff was taken to hospital with pain in his lower back. Thinking it might be a form of arthritis, a resident doctor, training to become a rheumatologist, performed an examination. After carefully feeling each joint and calmly commenting on the absence of inflammation in the knees, ankles, wrists and fingers, the young doctor suddenly became visibly puzzled after she asked to see my husband's palms. She left the room and returned with another physician who also appeared mystified as both inspected the skin located at the base of my husband's fingers. Cautiously, the resident explained that she and her colleague were perplexed by what they saw. My husband glanced down at his hands and smiled. "Those," he said, "are calluses". No... really.

Cuttin', Pastin' and...

by Andrea Mulder-Slater My dad and I shared a love of words… especially flowery, elaborate words. Though his vocabulary was far, far greater than mine, he always appreciated the bits of stuff I came up with and I always endeavored to understand the things he wrote. It was quite by chance that I decided to incorporate my father’s words into my latest works of art. Paper, canvas and glue are the media of choice for me at the moment, and as I began to work with these materials, the pieces begged for words. My dad wrote - a lot - and upon his death, left behind, oodles and oodles of words. I kind of like the idea of keeping his memory alive by, in a sense, illustrating some of his sentences. I plan on (at some point) using my own words in this new series I am working on – but for now, his just seem to fit. Galileo Galilei pursued an interest he had developed in natural motion and the behavior of bodies of water. Words by Henry Mulder, 1939-2009 | Art by andreams (Andrea Mulder-