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Hat head

by Andrea Mulder-Slater Geoff and I dashed into WalMart, after having picked up a few groceries at the supermarket next door. It was getting late and we were treading dangerously close to “People of Walmart * ” territory. I was on a mission - a mission to procure a new hat and become awesome. I often have ill-planned notions and this one in particular involved me looking fresh and flirty in a fedora. You know, like Halle Berry , Reese Witherspoon or Jessica Alba . There was absolutely no way I was going to pull this off. I headed to the hat department and grabbed the first fedora I saw. It was super cute – straw colored with a sleek black band and - because we were in Walmart - it was sensibly priced at approximately $4.32, plus tax (and a smiley face). I lifted the hat from its cradle and held it in my hand. I could feel myself getting closer to nailing the chic “It” girl look I’d always tried to achieve. The excitement was audible – mostly because I was squealing out lo