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If you can't take the heat... bathe in bamboo juice.

by Andrea Mulder-Slater On a day not so long ago, I was helping to hang an art show. It was a hot day – much warmer than what had been forecast - and as a result, everyone there was dressed in outfits better suited for a polar vortex than a lava rinse. At some point in the afternoon, I started to smell the faint stench of body odor. My mind was immediately transported back to the summer after I graduated from art school when I worked at a gallery with a woman who eschewed deodorant. It was a particularly challenging time of my life since the office was exceptionally small and had no air-conditioning. I mean honestly, walking into that place was like being surrounded by fifty 9 year old kids,  just developing sweat glands. My colleagues and I had so many questions about our co-worker. Did she not know she reeked like dirty socks soaked in fish goo? Could she not smell herself? Dear god, did we all stink? It was a superficial summer to remember. Meanwhile back at the ar