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Peep goes the weasel

by Andrea Mulder-Slater I was in the kitchen, baking a loaf of artisan bread, while clarifying butter and extruding rigatoni pasta from my noodle machine. Probably. Or, I might have just been drinking a glass of water. Ok so I was only sneaking a handful of chocolate chips but really that’s completely irrelevant to this story. I was in the kitchen. That’s when I saw it. Something small and wild was sitting on the deck, peering in through the sliding glass door. By the time I tiptoed over for a closer look, the long tube of white sped off in hot pursuit of a gust of wind and disappeared around the front of our garage. Me : Are rats white? Geoff : What? Me : Or maybe it was a ferret!? Jan : Maybe WHAT was a ferret? Me : The thing that was just on our porch. It was white and long and fast and… The 5 year old : Is it an animal? Can I keep it?!! Pleeeese?! Geoff : Maybe it was a mink. Me : There are no minks around here. Wait, are there minks around here??  That

He's baaaaaack...

by Andrea Mulder-Slater For those of you following my crow adventure , you may be interested to know that Merle (or Haggard) is back. With a vengeance. We might need some more roadkill...   No, really.