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Mushrooms aren't the only things that get mixed up

by Andrea Mulder-Slater “I have a reservation.” I was at the front desk of the Fairfield Inn in Smithfield North Carolina – a welcome position after the day’s drive, which had taken us through states crippled by an early ice storm. “You are in room 106” , said the angelic young man behind the counter – who was most certainly fresh out of finishing school – courteous, well mannered and highly manicured. Sigh. The lobby was lovely, with soft colors and an accent wall behind the counter depicting tree limbs. Or a spider web. Or maybe capillaries. Photo: Fairfield Inn Either way, it was stylish and also hypnotic. I felt instantly in harmony with my guest services agent who - in the time it took to write down my license plate number - walked me through three of my past lives. Twice. Then the phone rang. Opposite to the check-in zone, was a seating area, plucked straight out of an episode of Mad Men, season 5. Very modish with a long low table, orange lounger, an

Spot the missing roof

by Andrea Mulder-Slater My time in art school seems like it happened an eternity ago. Mostly because it's been an eternity since I attended art school. I love to make art, but I also love to write and I find that the words don't ever seem to flow at the same time as the paint. To give you an example, it took me approximately 17 and a half minutes to write that last sentence. In other words, here's what I've been up to lately... Did you spot the disappearing (and reappearing) roof? Artists are magicians. No, really.

Coastal expression

by Andrea Mulder-Slater When I'm writing, I'm not painting and when I'm painting, I'm not writing. I haven't been writing much lately...