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The princess and the pea(brain)

by Andrea Mulder-Slater We were at the furniture store, selecting a couch for the local youth centre, when Jan suggested I try out some mattresses. It was a valid proposal since I’ve been sleeping on the same bed since college. I graduated from college in 1993. In other words, I have a problem with change. Once I find something I like, I have a difficult time replacing it, even when it's a mattress with a sag at the edge that causes Geoff to roll onto the floor at least once a week and springs that poke at my lower back like a bad masseuse. The thing is, buying most anything new fills me with anxiety as thoughts like these float in and out of my head: What if I find a better one next week? What if it goes on sale the day after tomorrow? What if the boyfriend jeans trend doesn’t outlast the MC Hammer pants craze? Like my dad used to say, “You’re a picky dick Walter” (Walter being my uncle). So, instead, I just hang on to my old stuff. I’m like a hoarder with as-