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Growing Creative Kids

by Andrea Mulder-Slater Did you know that by letting your kids get dirty, you're actually helping them work on their creativity skills? This week on The Art of Childhood , I share twenty ways to nurture your child's creativity.  Guess what? It's easier than you think! And yes, there's more involved than just mud. Read it here: 20 Ways to Nurture Your Kid's Creativity

Easy Retro Valentines

by Andrea Mulder-Slater Remember making doily Valentines when you were a kid? They were fun, easy and looked so sweet with all that paste - which never, ever dried - hanging off of the edges because you used waaaaay too much. Every. Single. Time. This week on The Art of Childhood , I take you back in time as I show you how to make some groovy Valentines with very little effort. And even less glue. Read it here: Groovy Vintage Valentines Your Kids Can Craft Themselves

DIY Valentine's Day Notes

by Andrea Mulder-Slater What do you see when you look at an empty paper towel roll? Do you see hearts? Of course you do. This week on The Art of Childhood , I show you how to make little hearts perfect for holding sweet Valentine's Day messages. And you can make them using recycled items from around the house. Read it here: Be My (Green) Valentine: DIY Love Notes Your Kids Can Make

Get crafty with the snow

by Andrea Mulder-Slater Apparently I live in a snow globe belonging to an overzealous child because there is no other explanation for the amount of frozen precipitation that's fallen on my home. In fact, somewhere in the neighbourhood of two hundred centimetres of snow have hit the ground in my part of the world over the past few weeks. I really can't build any more snowman. I can't. And as much as I just want to huddle in a corner and cry, I thought something more productive might be in order. This week on The Art of Childhood , find out how to get crafty with the snow. Read it here: 10 Super-Fun Activities for Kids to Do with Snow

I had a crazy idea...

by Andrea Mulder-Slater Late last year I had a crazy idea. To be truthful, I had quite a few of them, but one in particular is worth sharing. I decided to paint - or draw - a coffee cup a day. Every day. All year long. And nobody stopped me.  So, this year, my goal is to paint or draw three hundred and sixty-five coffee cups. Or tea cups. Because I'm not picky about subject matter. I do however draw the line at cats. I won't be painting three hundred and sixty-five cats this year. Or lobsters. Or about a billion other things. But I plan to paint three hundred and sixty-five coffee cups. YOUR coffee cups. Or tea cups, because as we've already established, I'm not picky... Whether or not I'll actually achieve my goal remains to be seen. Talk to me in July. But for now, here it is, February 1st and guess what? I've got thirty-one coffee cups to show you. I'm selling the acrylic on canvas paintings (unframed but ready to hang) for $45.00 and the draw